Chartered Marketer supporting industrial engineering & manufacturing SME’s with their ambitions for growth

Are you one of the 48% of SME’s in the UK manufacturing sector who see competition in the market place as a major obstacle to the success of their business? If you are, and you’re also one of the 79% of businesses who in the same survey* stated that they have growth ambitions over the next 3 years, then it’s time to start overcoming that obstacle and I can help you achieve that.  

Although you can’t control what your competitors do, there is plenty that you do have control over. Switching your focus from short term tactics and taking a more strategic approach to your marketing will give you more control. It will give you more to compete on than just price. 

My role as a marketing consultant is to help you uncover and communicate to your target audience how your people, processes and products differentiate you from the competition. It’s not just about generating more business, it’s about generating better business, business that grows your profitability. 

As a commercially aware and insight driven Chartered Marketer with over 12 years of international B2B marketing experience in the sector, I’m equipped with a unique skill set that not only encompasses marketing, but commercial and operational aspects as well. 

Spending my early career in a range of sales administration, inventory, and planning roles in the manufacturing sector, I understand how the people and processes of an organisation contribute to customer experience. The marketing process goes way beyond the marketing department, put simply, I am not your typical marketing consultant working in a bubble! 

Don’t let the competition be an obstacle to your growth ambitions. Click below to book your free consultation and find out how I can help your business overcome that obstacle and move forward with back to basics strategic marketing. 

FREE Competitor Benchmarking Workbook

The first step in overcoming the obstacle of the competition is to assess how you stack up against them in terms of what matters to the customer. My free Competitor Benchmarking Workbook enables you to do just that.