Marketing Foundations

The building blocks of your small business marketing strategy

If you’re an early-stage service based business owner or freelancer who has no idea where to start when it comes to marketing your business, then I’m really glad you’re here.

Made with my fellow freelancers and small business owners in mind, I put this mini-course together to share the framework I’ve used to help me build a solid foundation for my own business.

I developed this marketing foundations framework, as it gave me an approach to marketing my business that didn’t make me feel like a bragging, sanctimonious twit. It also ensured that I took those vital first steps we should all take as small business owners and marketers…defining who we want to talk to and giving them a damn good reason as to why they should listen.  

Work through the videos and content below to learn about the five building blocks that will help to form a strong foundation for your marketing strategy….building blocks that will also give you loads of ideas for content too. 

This course is 100% FREE and also 100% free from sales pitches.

Warning! This course does NOT contain promises to make you 7 figures before you’ve buttered your toast in the morning, ‘prenuer-isms’, or any references to ‘building your tribe’. If you like that kinda stuff, you probably won’t like me…just saying! 

Part 1

Introduction to the Marketing Foundations Framework

This first video provides you with an overview of the five building blocks that make up the marketing foundations framework and also explores the benefits that can come from having these foundations in place. 

Part 2

Building Block #1 – Story

In this video we look at the first building block of the framework, your story. This is where it all starts. Your small business story uncovers your business’ reason for being. This building block can contribute to many of the others so it makes the perfect starting point.

Part 3

Building Block #2 – Core Values

In this video we’re going to be looking at the second building block of the marketing foundations framework, core values. I explain how to define your core values and then explore ways in which you can share them with your audience. 

Part 4

Building Block #3 – Vision & Mission

Time for the third building block of the marketing foundations framework, vision and mission. In this video I provide definitions of these terms, examples of how they can benefit your business, and share some tips on how to develop a vision and mission for your own business.  

Part 5

Building Block #4 – Point of Positive Impact

Building Block #5 – Core Marketing Message

The final building blocks are covered in the PDF downloads below. I’ll be honest between finding the opportunity to record when no one else is in the house, hay fever, colds, and the fact that quite frankly I’m sick of the sight of my own face with all the editing, the rest of the course is delivered in document form. Same great content, just less of me, so win-win I say!